Biblia Offers Plugins to Enhance Your Blog or Website

New to – the Bible Verse plugin that allows you to place a Bible Verse widget on your own webpage! You can even choose to include one of a kind Verse of the Day art along with the corresponding verse. Just head over to to check it out!

Here’s some features you’ll

  • Choose which Bible translation to embed in the widget
  • Select the width and layout that best suits your website
  • Include the Verse of the Day image (if applicable)
  • Choose to have a resource picker for users to interact with the widget

You can even embed the Bible Verse widget into your blog post and make the blog or website an interactive learning experience for your users. The social share features on the widget also allow users to “like” and share the verse on Faithlife, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

There are several plugins to explore

Biblia offers a number of plugins to enhance your blog or website. You can share carefully crafted Verse of the Day art, or provide your users with a quick and powerful Bible search tool – all for free! Check out all the options at

Enhance your blog or website, and provide your users with the best experience possible with the new Bible Verse widget!

Add Trouble-Free Scripture to Your Site with Reftagger!


Over five years ago, Logos released Reftagger, a web tool that converts Bible references into links with a hover-preview. Now we’ve updated Reftagger—and it’s better than ever!

Reftagger automatically detects Scripture references and converts them into links to It even creates a preview of the verses when readers hover over the reference, so they don’t have to leave your website. Plus, with social-share buttons in the hover-preview, sharing Scripture to your social feeds is a snap.

It’s been installed on more than 13,000 websites and used to preview more than 20 billion verses. Yes, “billion” with a “b”—that’s more than two verses for every person on earth!

What does it looks like?

It looks like this: Colossians 3:1. It’ll even work with verse ranges, like this: Colossians 3:1–2. You can even abbreviate the reference like this: Col. 3:1. Customize the colors, Bible translation, and sharing options to match your site. You’ll find that the newly redesigned hover-preview looks great on websites of any style.

How do I install it?

Simply head to and grab the code to get started. Need more help? Check out the installation instructions for your platform, and the frequently asked questions.

Get trouble-free Scripture: add Reftagger today!

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Not only do you have access to Bible translations like:

But when you register at (or sign in with your account), you’ll also get access to:

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